As a Los Angeles native, Aaron defied all expectations in renouncing his birthright and bringing shame and dishonor to his family by choosing to pursue a career in showbiz.

After attending The University of California, Berkeley, Aaron returned to LA to follow his dream. While working as a production assistant on NBC’s “American Dreams,” he discovered his knack for post-production. Aaron spent the next 5 years specializing in Editorial, Post-Production and Visual Effects, racking up credits as visual-effects coordinator on ABC’s “Empire,” NBC’s “Revelations,” and Associate Producer on NBC’s “My Name Is Earl” and, most recently, ABC’s “No Ordinary Family.”

In 2006, Aaron teamed up with three friends to form a production company and comedy group called Handsome Donkey. Handsome Donkey found a niche in the newly-emerging web-video space and first achieved notoriety for their short film, “Le Montage,” including being featured as “web auteurs” in a story in the New York Times Sunday Magazine’s annual comedy issue.

Handsome Donkey proceeded to make two original web-series for ABC Studios and Stage 9 Digital Studios. The first, “Squeegees,” the story of four buddies who start a high-rise window-washing business, was the first original series created specifically for internet distribution by The Walt Disney Company. “Decisions, Decisions,” released in February, 2009, is the story of two bored co-workers, passing time in their mundane corporate jobs by playing an hilarious game of “Would You Rather?”

Success on the web led to television and feature film opportunities for Aaron and Handsome Donkey including pilot deals at both ABC Studios and 20th Century Fox Television.

In 2009, Aaron began directing commercials and has since worked with high-profile clients such as Discovery Kids, The Sharper Image, HP, and FearNet. He finds directing commercials “fun and creatively satisfying” and hopes to do more of it in the very-near future. In fact, he’s free this afternoon.

In addition to filmmaking, Aaron is an accomplished musician, decent cook, and all around good guy. He loves his aquarium, nutritious meals, and is pretty good with computers.

Aaron is repped by UTA.

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